What are the benefits of buying App Reviews?

06 Mar 2020

What is holding back your app’s success? Competition, availability of abundance of similar apps. How many apps do you know who deliver things at your doorstep? 4 or 5 comes to mind instantly?

There are more than hundreds of delivery apps out there in the market and more are getting ready to be launched in the app stores.  

The competition isn’t always fair or consistence where you can calculate your way to an ultimate success. There are a few things you can do to overcome the hurdle of cut throat competition. Buying app reviews and ratings!

Developers are now buying reviews, in bulk and why not? Often even if the app is really good and serves the purpose to the user, people just won’t come around to reviewing it just fully. That’s a big drawback to being a hardworking app developer, think about it, all the days and months of hard work, yet low ratings and reviews will impact the performance of your app in the market, its almost impossible to gain that kind of positive streak of reviews on its own.

A developer must do everything in their power to reach their goals considering today's competition, what actually are the benefits of buying app reviews you ask?

Here is a good list of benefits of buying app reviews.

The Quality of Reviews.

The relevancy of a review matters, it’s important for the review to drive the point across, in a positive tone. Words in the reviews need to be reliable and authentic, it’s the first and most important thing for a user to see and know about your app. Reviews plays a major role in influencing the number of downloads your app will have.


Finding and implementing the optimal keywords is an absolute requirement for an application to be visible in the app store, Keywords are a set of words that play an important role in getting your app on the top of the charts, they are the words researched by a group of experts to make your content be it apps appear in the search results, technically trustworthy!

So, what a developer would want is for the particular keywords to be used in the descriptions, title of the app and such, but mostly in the reviews! Now stuffing a key word isn’t going to go well with the search engine, so this is where the bought reviews benefits the developer as the reviews are skilfully curated to deliver the exact number of keywords along with a positive tonality, not too much and never too little, with an authentic approach. This is where you will need appreviewspro.com to come to rescue!

This site is unique as it has reviewer and developer’s direct interaction! After you run your ad asking for reviews on your app, you can pretty much tell people what to write and you can go through their written reviews and suggest a change, this way you have a complete control over what’s been put out. How innovative is that! At appreviewspro.com you’ll be able to generate your desired results just a click away.

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