4 Reasons Why You Need Positive Mobile App Reviews

24 Feb 2020

65% of the companies gather and implement the feedbacks from mobile app reviews. For an app developer its absolutely essential to gain positive interactions on play store or apple store for the over all growth on their newly launched or existing App.

Here are four reasons why its important to have positive App Reviews on App Platforms.

1.    Word of Mouth - 75% of people who were surveyed by HubSpot consider App Reviews to be the driving factor for them on deciding if they want to download that App or not.  Word of the mouth, people want genuine opinions on other users to weigh in their own decisions, the more positive reviews an App gets the more it is downloaded by the mass. Paid Apps especially require a good stream of positive feedback.

2.    The Reviews Determine Apps visibility – unless and until your app accumulates enough reviews for a higher ranking, it will be highly invisible in the market. Why a bulk of positive reviews matter is because a single negative review can only be off set by 10 positive reviews.

3.    Positive reviews Increases the conversion Rate – 70 to 80% of the users read the reviews before they consider downloading or purchasing the app. Responding positively and skilfully to reviews is another way of engaging in building a positive connection between the developer and the user.

4.    Helpful feedback - Positive reviews often come with a constructive feedback. People who are satisfied by your app’s performance are more likely to suggest a minor change or fault correction for your app, which in turn will help you in improving your app and building a strong userbase.

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